“Who are you?” Asher asked.

            “I am who I am,” the disembodied voice said, “You have come to me to serve a great purpose.”

            “What purpose?” Asher asked hesitantly. The room around him felt heavier than it had just a few moments before. In front of him there was a podium on which rested a small black suede leather mat. It had a strange sigil of a goat’s skull imprinted in the middle. The edges of the mat were tattered and the face smudged. Its imprint lacked luster. For moment, silence filled the room.

            “You’re here to renew my covenant with man.” The voice came out louder than before. It shook Asher with its force. He fell to his knees with unease.

            “What covenant?” Asher asked.

            “Our covenant. Do you accept it?” The voice inquired. There was a long, pregnant pause. The dirty fireplace behind the podium was still unlit. The mantle above it held a picture of a small girl wearing a dress and smiling at the observer. Everything was tinged with darkness.

            “I’m not…I don’t know.” Was Asher’s response. He began to feel sick. The air was beginning to become too heavy to breath. His weight brought him closer to the ground.

            “Then you may leave.” Commanded the voice.

            Asher began to turn his head, but something stopped him. There was a small bronze colored clock right next to the picture. It was about to strike 12, midnight. Asher had to decide, and he had to do it now. He looked back to the mat. He bowed his head, prostrated and said, “I accept your covenant.”

            Then the pressure in the room subsided. Asher felt his strength return. He could breathe easier now.

            “Good.” The voice softly spoke. It commanded Asher to arise and take it into his possession. “Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice, and keep My covenant, then you shall be my own possession among all the peoples, for all the Earth is Mine.”