The Floating World

The door behind slid shut. “Is this a dream?” she thought. She took in the room. It was filled with images of mountain tops and clouds, along with a rising sun. A room that floated atop the world.

The bamboo floors were bare except a small, folded blanket in front of a pail of simmering water sat center of the room. Next to it a Chawan, Chasen, and Chashaku. Kitsune remembered that these were the tools her mother used prepare tea. She kneeled unto the folded blanket and took the pail off the coals.

            “You must first pour the hot water into the Chawan to warm it.” Kitsune recalled her mother saying to her, “It is what you will drink the tea from. You want to warm it.”

            “What about the tea?!” a young Kitsune shouted out.
            “Well the tea is here,” her mother said holding up a box full of matcha powder, “this tea is very special, Kitsune. We must follow the proper steps to enjoy it.” Kitsune poured water into the Chawan, dipping the Chasen in to soak.

“Good, good…Now pour the water out and wipe it off with a clean towel.” Kitsune recalled her mother’s instructions and how delicate she was about the ritual.

“Now remember! Only two scoops!” Her mother would say when she used the Chashaku.

“I know mother…” Kitsune said aloud to herself. “Its only 2 scoops of matcha.”

“Now, pour the water into the Chawan. Yes, just like that.” Kitsune did so as her mother instructed, “…and once that is done, use the Chasen to whisk the tea until it foams.”

            Kitsune then set down the Chawan then bowed her head.

“You must always bow to the preparer of the tea. They have given you a gift, you should always thank them” her mother would say...

“Thank you…” Kitsune whispered. She met her lips to the bowl. Enjoying her brew. Kitsune looked around her, once again…The world seemed to be floating around her peacefully…

            The dividing door in front of her bust open. Two lovers fell into the room, embraced in each other’s arms. Startled, they looked up at Kitsune.

“So…” She uttered setting her bowl down, “this isn’t a dream…”