White Horse

“Do you see that?” Asher said aloud.

“Do I see what?” Sasha responded.

Asher stared into the crowd before him. A throng of men, women and children all wearing white M95 masks. Solemnly contouring about their day.

“I see only the people ahead of us.” Sasha said finally, “What exactly am I looking for?”


There was something about the masks that unsettled Asher. The way they bobbed and weaved amongst one another. Some would follow as a herd, while others diverged. A few would stand and wait for the arriving trains to race them away.


“I’m uncertain…” Asher said quietly.


“Never mind then, the Cathedral is just outside the train station,” Sasha responded, “Shall we go?”


Asher stood still a moment longer, staring absently, “Have you read the Book of Revelations?” He finally asked.


“No.” Sasha frowned, “No I haven’t…why do you ask?”


“It’s an interesting read, it describes a vision that John of Patmos received from an angel while he was in exile. The angel is described as something otherworldly, a collection of rings, wheels, eyes all surrounding a nucleus of pure light. Far from the classic interpretation of winged people of the sky.”


“I see,” Sasha was now looking on to the exit of the bay station. There was a coffee stand right before the exit he wanted to visit. “And what was the giant yo-yo ball showing John?”


“It describes the End of Days. When the Lord’s judgment will come.” Asher said.


“I see.” Sasha responded, somewhat withdrawn from the conversation.


“The story itself is hardly believable. Scholars in the modern era believe it to be more allegorical than literal.” Asher continued, “You see, the angel showed John how the world would supposedly end. This is where we get such imagery as the star ‘Wyrmwood’, cherubs, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.”


“Lovely,” Sasha said to himself. “Shall we move on then?”

“Yes, I think we should.” Asher said.